Things to do,.

why doesn't China bomb Tibet out of existence? Why don't Chinese soldier run around and chase scared shocked Tibetan children, who are crying and confused, down the narrow steep streets, and use those inferiors as human size football ? 
why don't Chinese soldier rape Tibetan women and girls with the bayonets mounted on their rifles, to do simultaneous sexual act and a live human lower abdomen dissection course?

why do Tibetans exist, despite living on a giant stack of rocks, that nothing grows but bare grass, why do these premitive animals exist, despite having nothing eat, wear, sell, buy, have a romantic affair with, drink, consider an acquisition, but their bulls and cows?

why don't Chinese soldiers arrest Dalai Lama the14th and stream it's last 2 minutes of life, trying not to be bit in the face and neck by 4 Pitbulls? Why doesn't China shoot the monks in the head and piles up their dead bodies in a sealed room with the Tibetan children and infants for 2 months, to make a largest pile of dead Buddhists?

Buddhism is a tricky religion, it relies upon answering question with a yet more confusing question, leaving the confused follower try to find knowledge in nothing, in sitting straight for 10 years in a cave and associates their gradual death with enlightenment, lightheadedness with bliss and nervous system repression with peace,.

People would mistake Buddhism for happiness, not recognising they are bargaining their life with a wisdom that the people on a hospital bed, or crack addicts will get,.

The result of a existence and establishment of a Buddhist community is the predominance of societal ignirence and and abrupt end to civilisation.

you can feel peace and oneness with all nature around your ass, as a Buddhist but your child will die most probably at the age of 2 weeks old to a mild fever,. Or you will have your second and fatal heart attack because of chronic hypertension, that you ignored the symptoms of, writing off them as success in meditation and ascension into the skies,.

Buddhism is designed to tame out the people at economically poor regions, to talk the idiots into believing they are wise, spiritual and happy without any money,. ONLY to stop those poor inferior humans from rioting and toppling the governments,. Naturally there would not have developed any such religion, built upon meditation and self control, in a geographical location where life without strict environmental constraints had been possible,

Buddhism answers the question of social interaction by throwing the ball in the "each and every individual person" field,. Knowing there would not be enough idiots to buy into the shite, it secretly presumes there are people who do the life part and those will take care of meditatiting peace people,. But in a 100% Buddhist society people start dying from a slight bacterial infection on the fringes,.

Dali lama is a criminal and an idiot,.

lets all kill the Buddhists and stop supporting Buddhists,.



look at these animals,  years of bad nourishment and stupid indoctrination of false happiness makes these mother fuckers look like leather skinned shaved Orangutans,. Let's kill this mother fuckers and force feed these to their very parents,.